Sahebji Sohrabji

Parsi Gujarati play

Written and Directed by Danesh AR Khambata

About the play: When the

British left India, the Parsis got upset that they left, so many follow them to England. One such person who migrated was Soli Sohrabji, who owns and runs a Parsi Irani cafe in England called Sohrabji’s.

While his cafe is a popular eatery, Sohrabji has teamed up with a few British agents and stolen the Kohinoor diamond from under the Royal Family’s nose. Find out who really stole the Kohinoor Diamond in this hilarious laugh riot.

Cast: Danesh Irani, Darius Shroff, Pheroza Modi, Azmin Mistry, Thea Shroff, Hormuz Ragina, and Danesh Khambata.

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