Pakar Maari Poochri


Written & Directed by Meherzad Patel

Gujarati Play.

PMP Image Open

Freddy and Nainaz are getting a divorce. The play opens at the settlement, where they are fighting over who gets what. Noshir, his brother and lawyer is arguing with Jamshed – her lawyer. They come to a compromise – Nainaz gets their son – Dara; and Freddy gets the Bungalow in Alibaug.

To celebrate this newfound freedom from being a husband and father – Freddy decides to go to the Alibaug bungalow. He encourages Noshir to come along, as he too, is recently divorced and they both need a fresh start.

Their father, Mehernosh, whose wife passed away years ago, has moved on and now has got himself a new girlfriend – Frenny. Only problem is that Frenny is as good as deaf and Mehernosh is as good as blind.

To combat their handicaps, they both have 2 very young, sexy girls as helpers. Delnaz is Mehernosh’s helper – who Noshir is madly in love with. Khushnaz is Frenny’s helper and she has a habit of shouting when she speaks given that her boss, Frenny is almost deaf. Freddy is convinced she loves him.

They decide to all go together to Alibaug as the brothers see it as the perfect opportunity to start things off with the new girls.

At the bungalow they encounter Freddy’s new neighbour – Hormuz – who takes a fancy to Noshir.

Now – The issue is this –

Freddy likes Khushnaz, Khushnaz likes Noshir, Noshir likes Delnaz, Delnaz likes Hormuz, Hormuz likes Noshir and he thinks that Delnaz and Khushnaz are lesbians. In the process nobody likes Freddy. Mehernosh and Frenny with their short sightedness and impaired hearing – add to the confusion…

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