BAWA and I Know iT!

Bawa Web Image

I’m Bawa and I Know It

 Gujarati Play (80 mins)

Keki’s parents are selling their flat in Cusrow Baug and migrating to Canada, but their rebel son Keki does not want to come along. The Parsi Panchayat Trustee informs him that he can only keep the flat if he gets married to a Parsi girl before they leave for Canada within 30 days. The problem is that Keki does not like anything Parsi; in fact, Keki does not like girls!

His secret boyfriend Viraf decides to teach him everything there is to know about being a Bawa and they decide to get “married” to ensure that they get to keep the house.

The play questions the principle that demotes marriage outside the community, unfair housing policies and the taboo of homosexuality in the 21st century.

Written and Directed by Meherzad Patel

Cast: Danesh Khambata, Danesh Irani, Dinyar Tirandaz, Roshan Tirandaz, Afshad Kelawala, Parinaz Jal, Pheroza Modi, Azmin Mistry, Zeenia Kollah, Huzan Wadia, Siddharth Merchant, Farokh Kateli, Hormuz Daruwala, Sajeel Parakh and Sam Patel.

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