A bungalow is purchased by a man in the funeral property of the Parsees – the Tower of Silence, known as Doongerwadi. Doogerwadi has several non-functional BUNGLEES. A Bunglee is the space in which the funeral proceedings take place. For years, people have been eyeing the property of the Tower of Silence as the location is Prime property in South Mumbai and people would give anything to live there. One such broker manages to strike a deal with a man proclaiming to be the landlord of these dysfunctional BUNGLEES in the Tower of Silence; and Khushroo Kelalwala is the first buyer of such Bunglee, that he makes into his Bungalow. This decision doesn’t go down well with his wife who warns him of the dangers of living inside the proverbial graveyard. But, Khushroo isn’t scared of anything … he doesn’t believe in ghosts … that is of course, until they show up at his doorstep …

Language: Gujarati


Written & Directed by Meherzad Patel

Cast: Danesh Irani, Hormuz Mehta, Darius Shroff, Pheroza Modi, Shazneen Acharia, Farokh Kateli and Azmin Mistry.