Danesh AR Khambata

Danesh is a director, actor, speech and dram instructor and partner at Silly Point, and is the go-to person for all photoshoots and video projects given his vast experience in the field.

work at SILLY point

  • Gandhi The Musical

  • Black Comedy

  • Beatles Tribute

  • Technical Director at Queen – Tribute to Freddy Mercury

  • Speech and Drama Instructor at Various Schools and Trinity Certified Courses.

at SIlly Point

Musical Theatre Director

Speech and Drama Instructor




St. Marys School(1993 – 2002)
The school is famous for the performing arts, and today Danesh is even a Speech and Drama Teacher at the same school. A successful house captain, he was mentored by alumni Boman Irani at the same school.

Jai Hind College (2002 – 2007)
the college famous for Malhar, was a perfect platform for exploring the performing arts. Humanities, is best studied at St. Xaviers College and Meherzad got the best out of it.

The Other People (2002 – 2012)
Known today as ONE Empire, Danesh was the drummer with the band – THE OTHER PEOPLE with Zarir Warden amongst others. He was with the band until he became at full-time partner at Silly Point.