Bapai and the Beast

Two octogenarians decide to get married in an old age home. Everybody is against the idea of two 80 year old people getting married to each other, but they don’t care. They’re not only getting married, they’ve decided to have the wedding of the century and invite all their friends, if any of them are still alive.

Bapai and the Beast

Question is given their age will they make it to the wedding day? Find out when the Bapai meets the Beast.

Written and Directed by Meherzad Patel

Cast: Darius Shroff, Pheroza Mody, Danesh Khambata, Danesh Irani, Azmin Mistry, Thea Shroff, Hormuz Ragina, Sajeel Parakh, Moti Antia, Ayesha Mehta, Zaara Dastur.