A set of Four Short Comedy plays in English

APPLAUSE: The first of four plays is called APPLAUSE – it’s about how the audience is meant to react at a play, function, or in any live performance. Most audience members are cold and hesitant to start off with and this is the perfect ice-breaker for any audience. The best part is the audience involvement as the actors tend to pull up audience members and make them a part of the act.

 LISTEN: We always wonder how we look from somebody else’s eyes. Ever wondered how you looked from your OWN eyes? Listen takes you into a world where a man narrates his life through another actor who clumsily, inaccurately portrays his alter ego. This inaccurate portrayal leads to hilarious situations which has you in splits.

MONSTER DATE: When a first date goes horribly wrong, we tend to blame the other person. Monster Date takes you to the blind date where both parties feel they are correct. We get to hear both sides and decide for ourselves, but not before witnessing the entire date in action, with all it’s comical scenarios.

 LATEThe general rule in any live performance is that LATE COMERS NOT NOT PERMITTED ONCE THE PERFORMANCE IS IN PROGRESS. Obviously the audience members in LATE think otherwise. They will do whatever it takes to get past this poor usher who is trying very hard to stand by the rule – leading to a set of hilarious encounters with these frustrated and disobedient audience members.

Written by: Meherzad Patel

Directed by: Meherzad Patel & Danesh Khambata

 Cast: Meherzad Patel, Danesh Irani, Danesh Khambata, Hormuz Bana, Afshad Kelawala, Siddharth Merchant, Mihir Mehra, Parinaz Jal, Sajeel Parakh, Shikha Talsania, Anoushka Jehani, Siddharth Bhammar.

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