Don’t let the Lockdown, slow your kids down! All the parents whose kids harbor a love for theatre and acting, use this Quaran-chill time to upskill and awaken their Dramatic side!
How – you ask?
Well, Register them for Silly Point’s Online Theatre Workshop.
They can Zoom from their Room and learn how to Speak, Act, Improvise, Mime, and a lot more.
With one hour sessions on Monday-Wednesday-Friday for 12 turns, your kid will learn how to
•Present a Radio Play
•Prepare and narrate a monologue on a screen
• Interact virtually with fellow students.

All that your kid needs is :

  • An active internet connection
  • A laptop or a tablet mounted on a stand
  •  Headphones
  • An unrelenting passion to learn from the instructors at Silly Point.

What will be their takeaway?

  • 3 C’s -Communication. Co-operation. Clarity of Speech.
  • 2 E’s – Enunciation & Energy.
  • Improvisation.
  • Radio Play.
  • Monologues.
  • Theory of Stage Lights, Sound & Stage Makeup.
  • A lot of FUN

Hurry up and register your kids between ages 12 and 18.

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Speech and Drama Workshops conducted at:

  • Podar ORT International School
  • Cathedral and John Connon School
  • Alexandra Girls English Institution
  • Bombay Scottish School
  • St. Mary’s School
  • Bombay International School
  • H.R College, Mumbai
  • Choice School, Kochi
  • Fazlani L’Academy Global
  • Walsingham House School
  • Bombay Teachers Training College
  • St. Xaviers College (XIC)
  • HPY (Bombay Parsi Panchayat)
  • ZYNG (Zoroastrain Youth for the Next Generation)
  • NCPA – Stage Right : Inter – School Drama Competition
  • Choice School Musical
  • Summer Fiesta at NCPA


Silly Point Productions is one of the premiere theatre production houses in India today, operating out of the financial capital of the country, Mumbai.

Their plays have an instant connect with the youth and since 2008, have been at the forefront with comedy theatre. One of the rare group to have performances in three different languages. English, Hindi and Parsi Gujarati.

They started off with English Theatre with plays like – THE CLASS ACT, LIKE DAT ONLY, RUSTY SCREWS, FOUR SQUARE – all original comedies written and directed by Meherzad Patel, followed by BLACK COMEDY – Directed by Danesh Khambata and MISS BINDASS – Directed by theatre veteran Sam Kerawala.  They then moved on to Hindi Theatre with their critically acclaimed performance of KALAAM – an abstract thriller penned and staged by Meherzad and Danesh jointly. Since 2011, they are the most popular group in the Parsi Gujarati Theatre genre courtesy Writer- Director Meherzad Patel who has been responsible for reviving Parsee Theatre with his original plays – I’M BAWA & I KNOW IT, SCREWALA NO DHILLO SCREW, PAKAR MAARI POOCHRI, PESTONJI KAWASJI, BUNGLAA MAH BUNGLII, BOMBAY BAWA, AMAR AKBAR AKOORI, MATILDA NOH MALIDOH

Silly Point is also one of the most sought after group when it comes to theatre workshops – with acting and drama based techniques being taught by them every year at NCPA’s Summer Fiesta and they also have yearly activity with various schools in Mumbai and across India.

Stage Plays:
 Like Dat Only, The Class Act, Rusty Screws, Four Square, Kalaam, Black Comedy, I’m Bawa and i Know It, FOOLS, Screwala No Dhillow Screw, Miss Bindass, Pakar Maari Poochri, Laughter Therapy, The Buckingham Secret, The Relationship Agreement, Bunglaa Mah Bungli, Amar Akbar Akoori.

Teach For India, H.R College, Mumbai, Choice School, Kochi, NCPA Summer Fiesta, Walsingham House School, Bombay Teachers Training College, St. Xaviers College (XIC), HPY (Bombay Parsi Panchayat), ZYNG (Zoroastrain Yout Next Generation), Bombay International School, St. Mary’s School, Bombay Scottish School, Cathedral and John Connon school, Alexandra girls English institute.

Stage Right: Inter – School Drama Competition:  Silly Point Productions is the managing team behind the latest NCPA initiative for school children, where all the top schools from Mumbai compete in a drama competition at NCPA Experimental each year, giving the young students an opportunity to be on the same stage at Professional actors such as Shabana Azmi, Nasseruddin Shah, Padmashree Tom Alter, amongst others.






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