The Buckingham Secret

Catch the show at NCPA on 26 Jan

The Buckingham Secret

English Play (100 mins) | Comedy
Co- Produced by NCPA.

Written & Directed by Meherzad Patel

The British Royal Family has it’s home within the walls of Buckingham Palace. Alas, they are anything BUT Royal. What happens behind the walls of the palace, is in reality another story all together, leading to a hilarious set of events in – THE BUCKINGHAM SECRET. Come watch the REAL Royal Family on Stage.

Sabira Merchant, Danesh Irani, Darius Shroff, Danesh Khambata, Sajeel Parakh, Pheroza Modi, Nauheed Cyrusi, Meherzad Patel, Jigar Mehta and Afshad Kelawala.

Don't just get an evening of entertainment ... GeT SiLLy ...

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